Hallmark is dedicated to protecting all your equestrian investments by providing quality, cost-effective coverages. Our staff of knowledgeable horse people can discuss your specific insurance needs, whether you would like to insure your horse, equine business, equestrian association, or farm.

Our coverages are underwritten by American Equine Insurance Group. AEIG has been writing equestrian coverages since 1983 and is a proud supporter of the horse industry.

AEIG utilizes companies that are rated A (Excellent) or better by A.M. Best. This rating indicates the financial stability of the company as well as its claims paying history.

Payment Options Payment Options: Payment can be made by mailing a personal check or money order, as well as by credit card or echeck either over the phone or online. Payment plans are available.

Mortality and Liability policies are available in all U.S. states except Alaska and Hawaii. Property policies are available in all U.S. states except Alaska, Hawaii, Florida and Louisiana

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